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Advance Classes in 2022

Microblading Course

How would you like to earn extra $2000 per month giving women stunning looks with Microblading – a revolutionary approach to eyebrow perfection that has been developed over ten years by experts in the field of beauty! And, ANYONE can learn how to do it with the help of our Microblading courses. Our unique blend…

Threading Course

The Threading course provides the highest standard of education in all aspects of threading, and a gateway to employment in some of the USA’s & world’s leading Spas in exotic locations. The Threading School plays an integral part in delivering the beauty industry with professionals who have mastered the art of threading.

Eyelash Extension Course

You’ll be entering a booming industry, providing a lucrative service, and helping women feel more confident about their looks. Our talented tutor will demonstrate the different types of lash extensions available along with application techniques for longer and fuller lashes with semi permanent eyelash extensions!